Tsunami 1.618

Understanding Crypto Market Tides

with the Elliott Wave Principles

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When bottom? When moon?

The narrative is that bottoms and tops are not predictable, but is this really the case?

In these tough times being aware of the best trading techniques and strategies can save entire portfolios, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in capital. With Tsunami 1.618 we want to harness the power of Elliott Wave Theory, which we believe to be the best analytical instrument in the technical analysis field. A tool that has proven to be very effective in predicting the future price movements of many assets accurately, especially in cryptocurrencies where mass psychology reigns supreme: Elliott Wave Theory identifies patterns consistent with fomo and fud sentiment cycles, both short- and long-term.

Usually the wave 4 of an impulsive wave retraces down to 0.382 of the third wave. This is how the 2018 bottom was predictable.

An example of how using channels following the Elliott Wave guidelines can predict retracements in an impulsive cycle.

Trading NFTs Needs to go Hand in Hand with Crypto Trading.

Tsunami 1.618 is thought for Web3 people: NFT flippers need to learn and share crypto trading skills to maximize their profit, and holders need to have a detailed vision of the market and it's possible future scenarios. A lot of successful NFT traders multiplied their eth capital, but then lost a lot in terms of dollars value due to the last bear market.

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The Tsunami 1.618 NFT collection grants your membership to an exclusive club of Elliott Wave Theory experts, enthusiast and students. We have been in the crypto scene since the 2017 bull, we have survived the 2018 bear phase, living the greatness of the 2021 peaks. This cycle'sbottom is near with the opportunities to create generational wealth!

Tons of analyses, trading strategies, learning materials and knowledge sharing are waiting to be grabbed on our discord and we are ready to find the best entry point of this market cycle!

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Mint date: 2022/09/23, 19:00 UTC

πŸ‘‰ Contract Address


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